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Rowing News Magazine

Originally, Tip of the Blade, Marlene's column is in RN's Technique section and is a regular department in the leading international rowing magazine, Rowing News. The column covers technical drills and exercises for improving sculling and sweep rowing, as well as, training related issues.
"Tech Tips"

Sculling technical tips are featured bi-monthly on the Craftsbury Sculling Center website. Marlene's articles are substantial and devoted to topics such as rigging, training paces, drills and more. Past articles are conveniently archived on the site.
Technical Drills for Sculling Performance

Marlene Royle © 1997, 2007
This classic manual of drills offers specific exercises to be performed in the boat to improve balance, blade work, speed, power, and stroke transitions. Complete text is included in Tip of the Blade: Notes on Rowing