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<i>Roylerow</i><i>Performance Training Programs</i>
<i>Roylerow</i><i>Performance Training Programs</i>

RoylerowPerformance Training Programs

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Want to improve your technique?

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Get expert advice from Marlene no matter where you live with a video review
Send Marlene a video of you sculling or sweep rowing and she sends the video back to you with a voice-over coaching lesson. You access the recorded lesson via a website link to Coach's Eye, an app that Marlene uses to pause and mark up the video with detailed feedback indicating how to improve your technical skills, bladework, stability, efficiency, and speed in the boat.

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Included with every review
An extensive technical assessment document helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and is a record that you can use to track your progress. The assessment also includes suggested drills for you to practice.

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The video review process is simple!
  1. Email Marlene to let her know you’re interested. She can answer questions and give you payment information.
  2. Email your video file (or a link to your video) to Marlene, including a brief overview of your technical focus and goals. Videos sent through Coach's Eye are preferred, but other formats are OK, too.
  3. Marlene emails you back with the technical document and a video link that opens in Coach’s Eye. Coach’s Eye enables her to do voice over and control the video, pausing or moving it back and forth to help you visualize her coaching comments. She’s also able to draw on the screen!